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Samson Orthopedics Foot Drop Splint AK-0706

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Samson Orthopedics Foot Drop Splint AK-0706\

Size Large
Specific Uses For Product Foot Drop,Muscle,Nerve,Sciatica
Use for Feet
Age Range (Description) Adult


Key Features:
  • Effective foot lift and leaf spring action.
  • Can be worn with any shoe.
  • Customizable.
  • Thin walled and light weight.
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Samson Orthopedics Foot Drop Splint Ak-0706

The ankle foot drop splint is ideal for preventing and treating foot drop in the elderly, as well as anybody coping with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, sciatica, spinal injury, and other illnesses that might induce night splint foot drop. It aids with the stabilization of the ankle brace during walking and the restoration of balance following surgery.

Benefits of Foot Drop Splint

  • It’s also known as an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) and can be used with a variety of shoes. For walking, it’s light and robust, with a powerful leaf-spring movement. For the time being, S, M, and L sizes with foam lining are available.
  • Foot drop at the ankle The foam lining prevents perspiration and slippage, making it pleasant to wear for long periods of time.
  • Patients with peripheral nerve paralysis, peroneal/pretibial nerve injury, or muscular weakness may find it useful as a foot support.
  • In the event of a plantarflexion contracture or other injury, this brace stabilizes the ankle. Improves functional mobility by aligning the foot and ankle.
  • Suitable for burn patients as well as post-surgical treatment.


  • Polypropylene: The splint is made of tough polypropylene, which makes it more durable. It has a high level of resiliency and elasticity, making it ideal for leaf springing (which provides the push while walking)
  • Customizable: A hot air cannon can be used to customize the splint to the user’s preference.
  • Construction that is both thin and strong: It is made of polypropylene and has a thin profile that allows it to be worn both inside and outside the shoe.
  • Anatomical design: The splint is anatomically intended to distribute weight evenly and keep the foot in a functioning posture (dorsiflexion)
  • Closed-cell PE foam: The top padding is composed of skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic closed-cell PE foam.

How to use foot drop splint:

  • Make sure you purchase the correct size from our sizing chart.
  • Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground in a straight stance.
  • Raise the foot drop splint to a standing posture.
  • Raise the foot drop splint to a standing posture.
  • Place the foot that is afflicted on the footplate.
  • Ensure that the foot drop splint is aligned with the shape of your leg.
  • Reverse the Velcro through the buckle to secure it at the calf.
  • Secure the Velcro at the feet in the same way.
  • To acquire a good grip, tighten the ankle strap around the ankle.
  • When choosing shoes, go for a little larger size to ensure a more comfortable fit and mobility.
  • Before putting your feet in your shoes, make sure the laces are removed.


  • Ascertain that the foot’s degree of dorsiflexion (upward movement) is perfect.
  • At all times, make sure there is no pain. If you suffer any discomfort while using it, such as restriction of blood flow, a numbering sensation, or pain, stop using it and get medical advice.

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