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Tynor Hand Resting Splint E-29

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Product Highlights

  • Supports the hand in resting position.
  • Rigid to resist strong tone.
  • Finger separator is optional.
  • Separate design for right and left hand.
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Tynor Hand Resting Splint E-29

The Tynor Hand Resting Splint E-29 is designed to provide comfortable support and immobilisation to the hand and wrist joints in a natural position, reducing pain, swelling, and irritation of nerves in the carpal tunnel. It helps maintain the length of soft tissues and prevents contractures. The splint is available separately for the right and left hands.

Key Features:

1. Comfortable Support and Immobilization: The splint is designed to provide comfortable support and immobilisation to the hand and wrist joints, promoting healing and reducing pain and swelling.

2. “Loose Pack” Position: By supporting and resting the wrist in the “loose pack” position, the splint helps reduce irritation of nerves in the carpal tunnel.

3. Rigid and Resistant: The splint is rigid to resist strong tone and spasticity, providing stability and support to the hand and wrist.

4. Optional Finger Separator: The splint comes with an innovative finger separator made from high-quality foam. It cushions the fingers, keeps them separated, and provides enhanced comfort. The finger separator is removable and washable.

5. Anatomical Shape: The splint has an anatomical shape that immobilises the hand in a functional position during recovery. It evenly supports the hand, thumb, and forearm.

6. High-Quality Material: The splint is moulded from high-quality rigid polymer, making it lightweight yet robust with high strength. It is easy to clean and maintain

7. Easy to Use and Remove: The splint is easy to wear and remove, offering convenience for the user.

8. Adjustable Fit: The splint features high-quality tape fasteners that ensure a long life for the product. Soft padded sleeves provide comfort and a nice feel. The free strap length can be cut and adjusted to suit individual arm size.

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