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Tynor Knee Cap Open Patella D-05

SKU: P12640

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Key Features:
  • Three-dimensional thick knit provides therapeutic warmth with strong compression and comfort.
  • Easy application.
  • Better deloading
  • Controlled compression.
  • Perfect lateral splinting.
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Tynor Knee Cap Open Patella D-05

Tynor Knee Cap Open Patella Support is knee support of the next generation to provide the fragile or unstable knee with stability, compression, grip, and help. It offers therapeutic assistance for postoperative management of arthritis, patellar dislocations, knee pain, sports injuries, and knee. Silicon patellar padding relieves the pressure of the patellar, compresses the tendon of the patellar, positions patella in dislocations of the patellar and offers rapid healing. Made of high-quality nylon, which guarantees longer life, attractive aesthetics, and resistance to color. Three-dimensional dense knit offers powerful compression and comfort for therapeutic warmth.

Product Description:
  1. Open Patella Design: The knee cap features an open patella design, which allows for proper positioning and tracking of the kneecap during movement.
  2. Elastic and Breathable Material: It is usually made from elastic and breathable materials, providing a comfortable fit and allowing air circulation to keep the knee cool.
  3. Compression Support: The knee cap offers compression support to the knee joint, which helps reduce swelling, inflammation, and discomfort.
  4. Enhanced Stability: It provides enhanced stability to the knee joint, promoting better alignment and reducing the risk of further injury during physical activities.
  5. Comfortable Contoured Shape: The knee cap is contoured to fit the shape of the knee, ensuring a snug and secure fit during movement.
  6. Easy Application: The knee cap is easy to put on and take off, typically slipping over the knee like a sleeve.
  7. Versatile Size Options: Tynor Knee Cap Open Patella D-05 comes in various sizes to accommodate different knee dimensions.
  8. Washable: The knee cap is washable, allowing for easy maintenance and hygiene.
  9. Lightweight and Non-Bulky: It is designed to be lightweight and non-bulky, making it comfortable to wear under clothing during daily activities.

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