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Tynor R.O.M. Knee Brace

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Key Features:
  • Easy ROM angle adjustment
  • One size fits all
  • Robust and durable
  • Controlled movement of real estate at any angle
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TYNOR R.O.M. Knee Brace D-10

Size: Universal

Long: 18” / 46cm

Tynor R.O.M Knee Brace D-10 is an orthopedic device designed to provide support, stability, and controlled range of motion to the knee joint. Here are some product details based on general knowledge:

  1. Design: The Tynor R.O.M Knee Brace D-10 typically consists of a brace with adjustable hinges on both sides of the knee joint. These hinges allow for controlled movement and range of motion adjustment.
  2. Material: The knee brace is often made of durable and lightweight materials such as molded plastic or metal alloy for stability and support. It may also have cushioning or padding on the inside for added comfort.
  3. Range of Motion Control: The brace is designed to limit or control the range of motion of the knee joint, providing stability and preventing excessive movement that may aggravate injuries or impair healing.
  4. Adjustable Hinges: The knee brace features adjustable hinges that allow for setting the desired range of motion according to the specific needs of the user. This feature allows for gradual rehabilitation and customization of movement limitations.
  5. Straps and Closures: The knee brace typically has adjustable straps and closures, providing a secure and customized fit to the knee and ensuring proper support.
  6. Comfortable Design: The brace is designed to provide comfort during use. It may have padding or cushioning on the inside to prevent irritation or pressure points.
  7. Usage Recommendations: The Tynor R.O.M Knee Brace D-10 is commonly used for post-surgery rehabilitation, ligament injuries, knee instability, or other knee conditions that require controlled range of motion and support. It is important to follow the guidance and instructions of a healthcare professional or orthopedic specialist regarding usage duration, range of motion settings, and any specific considerations for your condition.
  8. Sizes: The knee brace is available in different sizes to accommodate various knee dimensions. It is important to select the correct size for optimal fit and support.

Please note that the specific features and details of the Tynor R.O.M Knee Brace D-10 may vary, so it is recommended to refer to the product packaging, Tynor’s official website, or consult with a healthcare professional for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding usage, fitting, and any specific considerations for your condition.

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